So far we have these sample files from presentations given at the MS Access developers group. More to come...

Click link to download

  • Form control class - From my presentation on the use of class modules to control form behavior.
  • VBA code generator - From my presentation on code generation in the Access VBA editor.
  • Migrating to SQL server - Powerpoint slides from Steve Forte's presentation on Migrating Access to SQL server.
  • Application Loader - From my presentation on the use of loader programs to automatically download and install new verions of a front end application.
  • Generic Crosstab - From Linda Ewen's presentation of a generic crosstab database -and- Access Annoyances docs.
  • Access Resources - Files and links from Ivan Farkas presentation on web resources for Access developers.
  • Access Help Files - Hard to find MS help files for DAO, Jet SQL and more..