You're most likely to encounter our Access applications in situations like these.

Sometimes the best way to describe the kind of applications that we specialize in is to describe typical scenarios. Here are a few grouped into three categories.

Process Tracking and Management Applications

A common scenario looks like this: One or more teams, who's members are in separated locations within the company, work collaboratively on an important process. All of the team members need to keep track of a lot of process-specific information and to see who "has the ball in their court" and when it got there. They need to be alerted if a deadline is approaching and, of course, they need to see all of this as it changes in real time.

Reporting and Analysis Applications

Typical scenarios here: A need arises for one or more reports that are not available and would be expensive to create in current systems. Here's another: There is a need to do side-by-side comparisons of figures that live in different systems or databases. And another: A senior manager requests a daily report of critical information during a period of business transition or integration.

Temporary and Prototype Applications

Here's a couple: A new product or business process is being created and extending the existing enterprise software is going to take some time. A low cost interim solution is needed to handle critical processes until the primary system is available. - OR - A new system is being contemplated and a rapidly produced prototype can be used to refine the design and later as a blue print for enterprise development.